Hydroslide Pro XLT Kneeboard


Discover the ultimate in knee boarding excellence with the Hydroslide Pro XLT Kneeboard. – your ticket to swift and effortless rides. Its retractable design ensures a smooth start, free from protrusions that could cause discomfort. The Pro XLT kneeboard boasts a sleek thin profile, a parabolic twin tip design, and dual retractable fins for unmatched performance. Experience comfort with the contoured EVA kneepad and master board control with the included shock strap. This kneeboard is your gateway to a thrilling and controlled ride on the water.

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Hydroslide Pro XLT Kneeboard Features:

  • Effortless Take-Offs: Experience quick and easy take-offs with this equipment, designed to provide a smooth and efficient launch.
  • Retractable Hydro-Hook: The retractable Hydro-Hook adds an extra layer of convenience, ensuring seamless starts for riders of all levels.
  • Sleek Thin Profile: The thin profile construction minimizes drag, allowing for enhanced speed and maneuverability on the water.
  • Innovative Parabolic Twin Tip: Enjoy the benefits of an innovative parabolic twin tip design, optimizing versatility and performance.
  • Dual Retractable Fins: The presence of dual retractable fins offers control and stability, adapting to different water conditions and riding preferences.

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