F-One Unibox Fins 50mm


F-One Unibox Fins 50mm -Our patented UNIBOX system removes all constraints of the traditional fin profile design. TECHNOLOGY The fin base goes through the board and is secured on top by a thin box. The main innovation of this system is that the box does not need to be integrated into the board; rather the board is sandwiched between the fin RESPONSE and its box. As a result, our 3mm board thickness and its flex are left untouched. With the UNIBOX system and its asymmetric profile, you gain in gliding efficiency and can start planning earlier. It improves the ride comfort as well thanks to the fins flex.

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F-One Unibox Fins 50mm

  • The fixing is done by the heel of the fin in a box that is placed on the upper part of the board. The originality of the system is that the screw is not integrated into the thickness of the fins, allowing them to remain thin and therefore reduce their drag.
  • The fin and box take the board in sandwich, so it can keep a reduced thickness and all its flex.
  • The flex of our UNIBOX fins is a unique element for a twin-tip. The boards are softer in navigation but also in landing jumps, they have less tendency to stall. The edge taking is more progressive.
  • Our system allows you to gain in glide and planning start thanks to the asymmetrical thin profile and improves comfort thanks to the flex.
  • To respect the direction of the asymmetrical profile and install the fins correctly, they have a marked colour code on their heel (red and green). This colour is found in the female part of the boards.
  • A notch on the box has been added to allow a board leash to be attached.


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