F-One Rocket V2 Wing Foil Board


The F-One Rocket V2 Wing Foil Board is the perfect wing foil board choice. Specifically designed to meet the needs of this sport, they are durable, dependable, user-friendly, and extremely stable.

Our entire ROCKET WING range makes it possible for any rider to experience the exhilarating freedom and sensations of wing foiling. Their dimensions and shapes are unique and specific to the sport. Our ROCKET WING boards will ensure you make the best use of your wing and foil, and will help you carve better on the swell as well as connect bumps.

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These F-ONE ROCKET V2 WING FOIL BOARDS are perfect to improve with. Using Full Bamboo construction, these were amongst the first on the market to be created specifically for wing foil. Compact and light, they provide stability from side to side, improved responsiveness, an easy and smooth transition into flight, and efficient pumping abilities.

The boards have continuously been enhanced over time. They now feature a more concave deck bringing additional comfort and control. The progressive rocker line is slightly straighter for a better in-flight stability. The sharp beveled rail profile and double concave hull shape will help you be up and flying in no time, and you won’t be unsettled when occasionally hitting the water or during touchdown.

The volume distribution has been revised for more floatability, and the outline and shorter length make the board maneuverable and easy to rotate around.

The wide variety of volumes and sizes across the whole range will undoubtedly satisfy all riders.

  • The 5’0, 5’3, and 5’5 are truly the all-purpose sizes. They are a great fit for riders with an intermediate level, or for wing foil beginners who already have some knowledge and training in other foil disciplines. Their maneuverability and carving potential are fantastic. Pumping is easy even in light conditions, and they grant the riders a lot of room for improvement. They are equipped with a full pad, a bottom handle to easily carry your board to and from the water, inserts for three foot straps, and the Twin-Tracks system for foil compatibility.
  • The 5’10, 6’0 and 6’4 will inspire confidence and are ideal for beginners. Their higher volume will lead to easier take-offs, incredible stability, and formidable sensations right from the start. They are also perfectly adapted for heavier riders, or for anybody looking to navigate in low-wind conditions. These come with full pad, a bottom handle to easily carry your board to and from the water, and the Twin-Tracks system for foil compatibility.

These durable and light ROCKET WING foil boards will translate to a lot of possibilities on the water. They are the perfect boards for progressing through the sport and will be your ideal partner on all your wing adventures.

F-One Rocket V2 Wing Foil Board features

    • Intuitive and Performant: Designed to be intuitive and deliver high performance, catering to both novice and experienced riders.
    • Optimized Volume Distribution with Slight Concave Deck: Features an optimized volume distribution with a slight concave deck for enhanced stability and control on the water.
    • Beveled Rails and Double Concave Design: Incorporates beveled rails and a double concave design, ensuring effortless take-offs and smooth touchdown recoveries during your ride.
    • Responsive and Maneuverable: Built to be highly responsive and maneuverable, allowing riders to easily control and navigate the board for an exciting experience.
    • Full Bamboo Construction: Bamboo fibers are highly resistant and light. The Full Bamboo construction uses natural properties of bamboo veneers placed between layers of glass fibers to create a strong, durable, light shell for the entire board (deck and bottom).
    • Double Bamboo Deck: An extra layer of bamboo (Double Bamboo Deck) is located in the stance area to make the deck even more resistant to local heel pressures and dings. This results in light, strong and responsive boards to enjoy session after session.
    • Beveled Rails: Beveled rails on foil boards reduce the width of the hull compared to the deck. This reduces the friction when the board touches the water and helps with touchdowns.
    • Twin Tracks: The twin-tracks system with a lateral spacing of 90mm is one of the standards in the industry.
    • This is the latest Rocket Wing V2

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Board Size

5'3, 5'10, 6'0

Board Size Guide

SizeDimensions in cmDimensions in inchesVol.Weight
4’8 (straps inserts)142 x 53.5 cm4’8 x 21″44 l4.0
5’0 (with and without straps inserts)152 x 58.5 cm5’0 x 23″60 l4.6
5’4 (straps inserts)162 x 63.5 cm5’4 x 25″75 l5.1
5’5165 x 68.5 cm5’5 x 27″85l5.4
5’10178 x 71 cm5’10 x 28″105l6.3
6’0183 x 76 cm6’0 x 30″120 l6.9
6’6198 x 78.5 cm6’6 x 31″140 l7.5


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