D3 Wing Angle Gauges


The D3 Wing Angle Gauges are precision cut from Anodized aluminum to give you perfect readings each and every time allowing you to correctly set the angle of your wing on your slalom ski fin.


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Wing angle gauges allow you to measure your wing angle regardless of any changes you make to the tip of the fin. The indicators printed on the fin will not be accurate if we start moving the front of the fin higher or lower.

D3 Wing Angle Gauges set includes:

  • Made from anodized aluminum
  • 5 different angle gauges: 7°, 7.5°, 8° 8.5° and 9°

A little bit about wing angle:

People used to think that having the wing angled more would help you slow down into the turn, which is good because it reduces slack rope. But if the angle is too much, skiers who aren’t very experienced might bend too much at the waist at the end of the turn. Because of this, intermediate skiers were told not to use the wing at all. But now, we’re starting to think that intermediate skiers can use the wing, just with a bit less angle than advanced skiers. The skis of today are made with the wing, which also helps the fin grip the water better during turns, so the tail of the ski doesn’t slide out. However, if the wing is angled too much, it can cause problems like more drag, which means you won’t speed up as much after the turn, and your ski might feel narrower because it slows down too quickly after going over the wakes before the turn.

Not getting wide enough? Ski feeling slow? Breaking at the waist at the end of the turn? Perhaps you need to try less wing angle. Ski feeling too fast at the end of the turn causing slack rope, or is the tail blowing out? Maybe more wing angle is you.

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