Connelly Voyage Combo Skis


The Connelly Voyage Combo Skis use a traditional shape water ski that have a slightly wider frame, especially under the bindings and back to the tail. The extra surface area of these combo skis make it easy to get out of the water and adds stability to the skis. Step base technology through the bottom tunnels reduce drag and give the combo skis a free maneuvering feel.

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Connelly Voyage Combo Skis Features:

  • Enhanced Traditional Design: The Voyage combo pair embraces a classic shape, thoughtfully widened beneath the bindings and extending towards the tail. This broader frame optimizes surface area, rendering water entry and rise effortless, while bolstering stability for refining your equilibrium and posture.
  • Effortless Water Entry: The enlarged surface area facilitates swift water exits and entries, offering a smoother transition onto the skis. This aids in building confidence and allows for an improved learning curve.
  • Stability for Skill Mastery: Providing a solid platform for learning and advancing, the wider design instills stability, aiding in the mastery of balance and stance control while conquering the water’s surface.
  • Innovative Step Base Technology: Incorporated within the bottom tunnels, the ingenious Step Base Technology actively minimizes drag. This design element imparts a liberating sensation of unhindered movement, highly valued by skiers who appreciate unrestricted maneuverability.
  • Effortless Turn Initiation: Beveled tips enhance turn initiation, facilitating responsive and fluid transitions while maneuvering. This design facet contributes to an engaging skiing experience, perfect for both newcomers and seasoned skiers.
  • Elegant Finish: Boasting a high gloss UV coat, the skis exhibit an elegant sheen that not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also adds a layer of protection against environmental elements.
  • Robust Construction: Crafted with reinforced composite construction, the Voyage combo pair guarantees durability and longevity, ensuring countless enjoyable sessions on the water.
  • Stabilizer Bar Compatibility: The inclusion of stabilizer bar inserts opens up the possibility for fine-tuning and personalized adjustments, catering to diverse skiing styles and preferences.
  • Size | Skier Weight | Foot Size
  • 2 x 64” / 163 cm | Up to 150lbs | 7-14

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