Connelly Shadow Bindings


Connelly Shadow Bindings have been redesigned to accommodate a wider array of foot sizes while maintaining a high supportive fit. By far Connelly’s most user-friendly design which uses a stretch panel in the toe which can expand or compress to ensure proper fit for a wide variety of sizes. The Lycra lined toe and heel wrap are molded to fit snug without causing pressure points. Our soft EVA footbed is set in a super-lite plate to keep you comfortable behind the boat.

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Connelly Shadow Bindings Features:

  • Redesigned for Versatility: Feature a redesigned structure to accommodate a broader range of foot sizes while maintaining a high-support fit.
  • User-Friendly Design: Recognized as Connelly’s most user-friendly design, these bindings incorporate a stretch panel in the toe that can expand or compress, ensuring a proper fit for a diverse range of sizes.
  • Adjustable Fit: The stretch panel in the toe allows for flexibility, adapting to different foot sizes without compromising support.
  • Lycra Lined: The toe and heel wrap are lined with Lycra, molded to provide a snug fit without causing uncomfortable pressure points.
  • Soft EVA Footbed: That cushions your feet during your water adventures.
  • Super-Lite Plate: The footbed is set in a super-lite plate, combining lightweight construction with durability for an optimal experience on the water.

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