Connelly Firecracker Trainer Water Ski


Introduce your child to the joys of water skiing with the Connelly Firecracker Trainer Water Ski. This water ski setup boasts a single-piece “U” shaped design, offering stability and an easy learning curve for young skiers. The integrated two-handle rope system is a standout feature, guided by a spotter and directly connected to the ski platform, streamlining the learning process. No need for riders to strain during starts as the setup assists in keeping them upright. Additionally, the spotter can release the skier by dropping the handle once they’re finished, enhancing safety and convenience during training sessions. Make water skiing an enjoyable and accessible adventure for your young ones with this well-designed Firecracker Trainer Water Ski by Connelly.

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Connelly Firecracker Trainer Water Ski Features:

  • Bamboo Construction: Crafted with durable bamboo, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.
  • Stable U-Shaped Trainer: Features a stable U-shaped design, ideal for beginners to learn water skiing with confidence and stability.
  • Rope with Boat-Side Safety Handle: Equipped with a Firecracker rope that has a boat-side safety handle, providing security and control during skiing sessions.
  • Integrated Foot Straps with Traction Pad: Comes with integrated foot straps featuring a traction pad, offering a secure grip for the rider.
  • Size: 48″ (121cm): Dimensions suitable for effective training and learning experiences.
  • Skier Weight: Designed to accommodate skiers weighing up to 38kg.

Looking for some tips on how to get your youngster up on the water?? We have a blog post just for you!

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