Connelly Eclypse Combo Skis


The Connelly Eclypse Combo Skis are our premier combo skis pair and is backed by decades of ski design experience. Designed to make getting out on the water easier for all ages and skill levels, they’ve got a wide nose and tail to reduce drag and make deep water starts easier but the narrow waist makes sure you can still turn in to carve Lace adjustable Swerve bindings provide side-to-side response and control. The aluminum drop through fin provides grip through aggressive turns. The wide nose and tail make deep water starts easier and the narrow waist keeps the ski lively and fun out on the water.


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Connelly Eclypse Combo Skis Features:

  • Reinforced Composite Construction: Experience amplified edge hold for commanding carves, thanks to the reinforced composite construction of the Connelly Eclypse ski.
  • Agile and Controlled: The ski’s narrow waist ensures exceptional agility and effortless control, allowing for quick maneuvers and responsive handling on the water.
  • Complete Binding Package: The package includes Swerve Bindings and a Rear Toe Piece, providing a comprehensive and ready-to-use setup for your water adventures.
  • Versatile for All Levels: The Connelly Eclypse is thoughtfully designed to simplify water experiences across various ages and skill levels, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.
  • Optimized Design for Easy Start: Featuring a wide nose and tail, the ski minimizes drag and facilitates hassle-free deep water starts, while maintaining the ability to execute satisfying turns and exhilarating carves.
  • Advanced Performance: Outfitted with the user-friendly Swerve binding paired with a Rear Toe Piece, this ski kit is tailored for those who are prepared to elevate their skills and take on the challenge of slalom courses.
  • Drop Through Aluminium Fins
  • Size | Skier Weight | Foot Size
  • 2 x 67” / 170cm | Up to 275lbs | One size fits most

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