Airhead Air Pig Pump


This pump is a high volume, high pressure pump. The quiet 12-volt DC motor puts out 1.0 psi (0.07 bar), plenty of pressure for most inflatables, including towable tubes, boats, lounges and pool toys. Equipped with a 3 meter power cord with alligator clips for hook-up to boat or vehicle battery and a 61 cm reinforced inflation/deflation hose. Four adapters for the most popular air valves are included. The pump draws 22 amps / 260 watts.

Pump is bright yellow in color and has a convenient retractable carry handle.

Airhead inflatables



  • Airhead Air Pig Air Pump, 12V AHP-12AP
  • 120 Volt Draws 3.5 Amps/470 Watts
  • High Volume with Peak Pressure 2.2 psi
  • 3 meter Power Cord with AC Plug
  • 61 cm Reinforced Hose with Four Universal Adapters


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