Airhead 8 Section Ski Rope & Handle Combo


Lift your water skiing game with the Airhead 8 Section Ski Rope & Handle Combo – featuring 8 color-coded sections and a TPR Diamond Grip handle for superior performance. Whether you’re skiing the slalom courses or seeking the perfect open water spot to ski, this premium combo delivers unmatched quality and precision.

Each section is color-coded for quick identification, and the take-up loops provide seamless adjustment, ensuring you can tailor your skiing experience to perfection. Crafted with the utmost care, this combo offers the ideal balance of durability and comfort.

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Conquer the wakes with confidence, knowing you have a reliable, high-quality ski rope and handle in your hands. Upgrade your skiing adventures with the Airhead 8 Section Ski Rope & Handle Combo, designed to enhance every moment on the water.

Airhead 8 Section Ski Rope & Handle Combo Features:

  • 8 Section Radius Handle Ski Rope: Consists of 8 color-coded sections and convenient take-up loops, offering versatility in various skiing scenarios.
  • Standard Length: With a length of 23m, it provides ample room for skiing in slalom courses or finding the perfect wake behind your boat.
  • Premium Handle: The 17-degree, 13-inch radius aluminum core handle boasts a TPR Diamond Grip and full-length finger guards for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Durable Construction: Features a “candy stripe” color scheme and is UV-treated, ensuring it maintains its vibrant colors even under prolonged sun exposure. It’s a robust 16-strand rope with a remarkable 1,600 lb. tensile strength.
  • Tangle-Free Storage: a Rope Keeper is included, allowing you to store the rope and handle combo neatly and tangle-free. Enjoy a hassle-free skiing experience with this top-quality combo.

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