Slingshot B3 Trainer Kite


The Slingshot B3 trainer kite is the perfect learning tool for the sport of kiteboarding! It comes with everything you need in order to learn how to become a kiteboarder or just have fun at the park or beach. Even if you already know how to kiteboard this is the perfect thing to have for all conditions and to introduce friends to the sport. The Slingshot B3 trainer is the most popular for adults. It delivers power and pull similar to the larger inflatable kites.

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Who’s the Slingshot B3 Trainer Kite For:

Slingshot’s B3 light traction kite is a fun, affordable and powerful piece of equipment ideal for a wide range of wind-related activities.

Slingshot B3 Trainer Kite Features:

  • Learn basic kite skills safely and at your own pace
  • Save time and money by learning the basics before paying for a lesson
  • Develop the coordination and muscle memory crucial to kiteboarding
  • Develop an understanding of the wind and what a kite will do in it
  • Learn what to do and what not to do with a kite
  • Be able to share the fun of kite flying with others, for years to come
  • Learn kiteboarding concepts, terminology and jargon
  • 3m kite
  • Wrist leash
  • Kite bottom color may vary between red, green or blue

Package Includes: B3 Kite, comfortable eva grip control bar w/lines, Safety Wrist Leash, Travel Bag, Online Video Instruction

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