O’Brien Black Magic Kneeboard


The O’Brien Black Magic Kneeboard is the ideal kneeboard to have when you want one for the whole family. The way it’s designed can be used to teach the young ones and the newbies how to ride on the board. You’ll have a cable-actuated retractable fin system as well as an aquatic hook which are great training tools. The smooth bottom contour provides stability and a PE roto-molded construction allows you to really play hard and know this kneeboard will stand up to the test. The three-inch padded strap on the O’Brien Black Magic Kneeboard will keep the rider in nice and secure so that you or them can have the confidence to perform at your best and show off a few surface tricks.

  • Retractable Fins
  • Aquatic Hook
  • Durable Plastic Base
Obrien Watersports


SKILL Intermediate to advanced intermediate

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