Wow Big Bubba 2 Person Inflatable Tube


The Bubba couch style towables are some of the most popular tubes on the market.  They make for a perfect starter tube for the family just getting into towables but also they are a tube that just about anybody can have fun on.  The Bubbas come with a flat base for a smooth ride over the water and minimal drag on the boat.  The SECURE DECK SEATING on the Bubbas come with a super high backrest with sidewalls which is great for keeping young kids safe and for giving them a secure feeling if they are just getting started on towables.  But don’t get us wrong, these aren’t just for little kids.  The high backrest just means it’s more difficult to fly off on the more wild rides.  The smooth, flat base will get this baby going fast on the water if that’s what you’re in to.  The Bubbas also come with front and back tow points so you can ride sitting, laying down, or kneeling chariot style.  And after your ride is over the Bubbas make a perfect floating couch on the water.  Great for relaxing with your friends at your favorite body of water.

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Wow Inflatable Tubes



1-2 Rider Towable 340lbs or 154kg maximum capacity
SECURE DECK SEATING comes with extra high backrest and sidewalls. Great for helping young kids feel secure on the water
The extra high backrest keeps the ride going on the extra fast and bouncy rides
Reinforced front and back tow points with 1 EZ tow connector on front tow point for fast connection
Ride sitting, laying down, or kneeling chariot style
EVA foam seat and knee pads
8 double webbing foam handles & 4 flat handles
Great floating couch for relaxing after your ride
Heavy-duty PVC bladder and nylon cover
Speed valve for fast inflation and deflation
Zippered valve cover
Backed by 1 year warranty
Deflated dimensions: 66 in x 60 in x 42 in

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2 person

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