Wow Ace Tube


The one person, partial covered boat tube was invented in 1984 by the Head Designer of WOW. Millions have been sold over the years so WOW has decided to change it up a bit with an arrow shaped design rather than a circular one. This new design allows for more stability and control for the rider. A new twist on an old concept.

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Wow Inflatable Tubes


Wow Ace Tube Features:

  • Heavy Duty partial nylon cover
  • Double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards
  • Flat foam handles
  • Reinforced towing system
  • Speed valve for fast inflation and deflation
  • Zippered valve cover
  • Heavy-Duty arrow shape construction for stability and more control for the rider
  • Drain vent
  • Dimensions Inflated 50 x 48 IN
  • Dimensions Deflated 54 x 50 IN

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Wow Tubes

Product Categories

Inflatable Tube


Inflatable Ski Tubes

Ride capacity

1 person

Tube Type

Open Top (Donut)


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