WOW 4K Tube Tow Bobber


Designed to enhance your towing experience immensly, the WOW 4K Tube Tow Bobber is a 60′ special tow rope with a bullet-shaped, heavy duty nylon-covered inflatable that keeps the rope raised above the water, allowing towable tubes to pull cleanly back and forth over the wake. It reduces drag and protects against snap backs. The tow rope is in three sections—each of a different length—that can be adjusted based on your boat’s wake.

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WOW 4K Tube Tow Bobber Features:

  • Dimensions: 38″ x 27″ x 27″ (inflated)
  • 4K tow system is designed to enhance the performance of 1- to 4-person towables
  • Improves: takeoffs, fuel consumption, rope spray, rope visability, and reduces stress on tube and cover
  • Heavy-gauge PVC bladder with heavy-duty full nylon cover
  • tube accessory

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