Waist Belt Leash


Our specially designed Watersports Warehouse Waist Belt Leash is an innovative leash that keeps you securely linked to your foil board without the hassle of tangled feet. Whether you’re a seasoned foiler or just starting, this leash ensures you stay connected for an uninterrupted ride.

With its durable construction and secure attachment, you can trust it in any water conditions. Experience the freedom to focus on your foiling skills without worrying about losing your board. Upgrade your foil board setup with the Watersports Warehouse Waist Belt Leash and ride the waves with confidence.

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Waist Belt Leash Features:

  • High-Quality Nylon Webbing Belt: Crafted from durable and reliable nylon webbing, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Comfortable Neoprene Front Liner: The neoprene front liner adds comfort and minimizes irritation during use.
  • Swivel Mount to Avoid Tangling: A swivel mount is incorporated to prevent the belt from tangling and ensure hassle-free operation.
  • Quick-Release Clip: Allows for easy and rapid attachment and detachment, enhancing convenience.
  • Velcro Locking Tab: Ensures that the belt stays securely fastened during your water adventures.
  • Watersports Warehouse Branding: This product proudly carries the Watersports Warehouse branding, a symbol of quality and reliability in water sports gear.

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