Seagull Surf Skateboard – Deckwar Edition


Seagull Surf Skateboard – Deckwar Edition 29.5″ Maple Board 81 x 26 x 21cm

Surfing inspired Skateboards, or Surfskates, are skateboards that  allow you to “pump” rail to rail, to give you that surfing feeling.

They are super fun and quite easy to ride, even if you have no skating experience. It’s all about pumping and carving. You will get the hang very quickly as you carve / flow around your streets. No matter your age, if you want a surf inspired cruise, come purchase a Surfskate from us.

Our Surfskates are very well spec’d and come in at a great price.

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Seagull Surf Skateboard – Deckwar Edition Specifications

  • Bracket:  Aluminium
  • Material:  Maple board
  • Bearing:  ABEC-7
  • Wheels :  PU
  • Wheels Sizes:  70*51mm
  • Product Size:  75*24*15cm
  • Suitable age:  8+
  • Max load weight:  100kg
  • Carton size :  81x26x21cm
  • Model: SBL-09
  • Package includes T-Tool

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  1. Vern Schaetzle

    Live to surf, skate to live.

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