Slingshot Asylum 2017 Kiteboard Complete


The 2017 Slingshot Asylum delivers fast top-end speeds, aggressive edging and smooth load and pop, making this an ideal board for progressive and aggressive freestyle and freeriding . It features the most rocker of any board in our kiteboarding line. Its flex pattern and aggressive laser-cut channels are designed for speed, grip and superior hydrodynamics. The Asylum’s rocker and flex profile and durable base layup make it a great choice for riders who want a solid all-around freestyle board that can handle rough water and chop as well as the flatwater and the occasional kicker, rail or slider.

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A board to take your freestyle game to the next level
Insane grip, load & pop: boosts huge, sticks hard landings
Pierces chop, shreds flat water
Smooth, consistent flex w/ Bedrock Carbon Inserts
Flexible, durable made in the USA wood-core construction

Asylum rider profile
You’ll love the Asylum if you’re an intermediate, advanced or aggressive entry-level kiter who likes to ride powered-up, boost big and charge hard in all conditions.


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