Slingshot 2019 Cobra XR Wakesurfer



  • -Full Carbon Matrix Overlay
  • -FCSII Fin Technology
  • -EVA Deck Traction Pad
  • -Double Concave Hull
  • -Dual Cupped Rails
  • -Three 3.9Ó FCSII Fins

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A turbo version of the already speedy Slingshot Cobra Cat, the high-performance XR version combines a classic surf shape with a modern, high-tech surf construction. A perfect balance of speed and maneuverability.

SlingshotÕs XR Series of wakesurfers is the BMW M Series equivalent of wakesurfing. Taking their already popular wakesurf boards, Slingshot further elevates the boardsÕ performance with their XR Series construction. A full carbon matrix overlay on this Slingshot Cobra Cat XR board makes it stronger, more powerful, and more nimble. Those looking to elevate their wakesurfing experience with a thrilling ride, hop on the Cobra Cat XR and get ready to experience surfboard performance like never before.

Shaped like a surfboard you might find at the beach, the Slingshot Cobra Cat creates a classic surf feel that brings the thrilling sensation of surfing behind the boat. The most true surf shape in SlingshotÕs wakesurf lineup, the Cobra Cat is designed to turn on a dime and generate speed with ease. From beginners to expert wakesurfers, every wakesurfer on your boat will be instant fan of your new ride.

Constructed like your favorite surferÕs board, the Cobra Cat features an EPS foam core and traditional glass layup to keep it lighweight and responsive. A flat, fast rockerline keeps this board quick on the water, simply step on the gas pedal and let it rip. The dual concave hull makes it quick in and out of turns while the dual cupped rails give it impressive stability.

The tool-less FCSII system makes it quick, easy, and simple to customize your fin configuration. The Cobra Cat XR comes standard with the popular thruster configuration but can be rode as a single fin or twin fin setup that will make for a looser, more playful feel on the water (more ideal for spins and slashes).

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