S-Lines R3 Series Slalom Line


Introducing the S-Lines R3 Series Slalom Line – a pinnacle of competition-grade performance crafted with precision. Engineered with our stiffest slalom line braid, the R3, this full Competition Slalom Rope is tailored for skiers who demand minimal to no stretch. Experience a slight, controlled give in the rope at the end of each turn, allowing skiers to maintain their form before experiencing a powerful, unyielding whip across the course.

Derived from two years of rigorous testing, this rope is a testament to excellence. Skiers will appreciate its impeccable performance right out of the box.

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S-Lines R3 Series Slalom Line Features:

  • R3 braid rope
  • Shortenings all the way to 9.75m
  • Slide Looped Construction
  • All sections are detachable.
  • Record capability accuracy.
  • 18.25m Overall length
  • All of our ropes are braided in house using formulated yarn
  • Meets IWWF standards
  • Handmade in the USA

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