Ronix Vision Wakeboard 2019


3-Stage/Continuous Hybrid Rocker
A combination rocker that gives the consistency of a continuous and the pop of a 3-stage

Asymmetrical Shape
Balances the difference in body positioning between toeside and heelside riding for more anatomical performance

  • Lightweight “Grom Glass”
  • Wide tip and tail
  • 2 fiberglass 1.7 in Hook fins

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Ronix Wake


The Vision was created exclusively for the needs of the next generation of rippers. Ronix’s lightweight grom glass offers a lighter layup for more connection with the water and less swing weight in the air. The board’s asymmetrical shape recognizes that your shoulders and hips are not parallel on your toe side edge. Translation: jumping toeside is hard. Ronix wanted to make jumping toeside a little easier for kids by balancing out their riding in a more anatomically correct way. The Vision also features sharper rails and a longer fin for more stability.

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Ronix Wake

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