Ronix One ATR Wakeboard Deck

If you’ve spent years looking for “the one,” look no further. The Ronix One ATR Wakeboard is a water lover’s dream due to its parallel carbon core and sintered base that allow this board to glide along morning glass or choppy afternoon water without faltering. The 1.0″ ramp fins create turbulence and were designed for grinding along rails just like rider Danny Harf, designer of this board, has mastered the art of. If you’re not into all of the technical mumbo-jumbo, just know that the Ronix One ATR Wakeboard is the type of plank that craves speed and tricks.

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Ronix Wake


Product Details

Rocker TypeThree-stage rocker
HullSurf/Round Rail with a Soft Bevel through the Center – The bevel allows the board to ride higher on the water and helps prevent your edges from catching.
CoreParallel Carbon – A livelier construction that also helps maintain the intended rockerline off the peak and landings
BaseSintered Base – A durable, non-stick base material that doesn’t loose glide speed on the water
Clean Center Bottom Design – A fast rocker line means that you leave the wake with more momentum for faster and less impact landings.
Fins4 Detachable 1.0″ Ramp Fins – Designed for rails, the ramp fins create turbulence and give the board a less gratuitous grip on the water.
Deeper side vents for fins that give a looser feel and a quick release


  • Ability Level:Intermediate-Advanced
  • Rocker Type:Three-Stage
  • Core Material:Carbon Fiber
  • Fins:(4) 1″
  • Athletes:Danny Harf


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Ronix Wake



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