Ronix Frank Wake Handle


Over extend your passing hand? No worries, Frank’s uber creation will make sure you won’t smack yourself. A softer antiroll alternative to the conventional carbon design with a fully wrapped PU constructed handle.

Fully wrapped with PU leather
Semi Barlock (anti-roll)
4mm memory foam
1.3” handle diameter
Hide w/ airbag grip
T6 Lightweight aircraft aluminum dowel
Filled inside with EVA for flotation
Strung with dyneema
Available in straight only

Ronix Wake


Can’t land the trick? Blame the handle. Except you can’t blame the Ronix Frank Wakeboard Handle. Fully wrapped in polyurethane leather, and featuring a softer anti-roll, there should be no hang-ups passing it behind the back. 4 millimeters of memory foam wrap the handle for a blissful connection between boat and man, and you’ll notice right away, it may be the board or the bindings, but it’s not the handle.

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Ronix Wake


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