Radar Vapor Alloy Slalom Ski


In 2014, The Vapor took the ski world by storm amassing National Records and International Titles well before the ski’s official release date. The design is based on forward thinking generated for the necessities of every skier, regardless of ability level. The Vapor’s new rockerline makes this ski Radar’s fastest ever. The reduced flatspot is front foot centered. New tip rocker has early-rise, allowing more time off the second wake for outbound travel. Match this with more surface area in front of your feet and you have the best off side turning ski in the game. From the widespot to the tail, Vapor base design is edge-to-edge, resulting in direction control off the second wake and the ability to dial a perfect edge angle into any turn. This base style also means supreme control of the finish of on-side turn slide. The railed forebody adds mass to the front of the ski, propping up the tip for off side turning and eliminating the possibility of stuffing the tip.

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Radar Skis



Machined AeroCore
Carbon/Fiberglass Laminates
Hand Crafted at Radar Lake
47.5 degree bevel angle

67″ ski

Ski Only.

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