O’Brien Swift 3 Towable Tube


The O’Brien Swift 3 is a fast, fun deck tube that skims across the water like no other. Designed for up to three riders, the Swift 3’s unique shape helps the tube carry speed while everyone holds on for an exhilarating ride. Its 8 handles with knuckle guards allow the riders to comfortably and easily adjust their position and the three large EVA pads keep the deck soft underneath them as they move around. If a quick and lively ride for three is what you’re into, go with the O’Brien Swift 3.

Obrien Watersports


  • Size – 71″ x 90″
  • Designed to hold up to 3 riders or 510 lbs
  • Comfort – Oversized deck tube with 3 large EVA pads, 8 handles with EVA knuckle guards so you can modify your grip and nice cushioned ride
  • Enhanced durability – Fully covered in a heavy-duty nylon shell
  • Quick Connect Tow Hook – The safest, fastest and easiest way to connect your rope to the tube
  • Lightning Valve – Inflate and deflate your tube faster than ever before; 30 mm valve opening is compatible with most current tube pumps
  • Rear Pull-Up Straps – Make it easier to climb back onto the tube from the water

Use Tensile Strength Tow Rope Of 3350 Lbs

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Ride capacity

3 person

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In stock

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Inflatable Tube


Inflatable Ski Tubes


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