O’Brien Competitor X Grip Waterski Gloves

O’Brien Competitor X-Grip Waterski Gloves As you pass the rope from one hand to the other, you grasp firmly onto the handle and hit the water with your Water ski’s ready to rock another trick or carve across the wake. With the help of the O’Brien Competitor X-Grip Waterski Gloves, you’ll have the durability of a reliable glove and the stickiness to get a solid hold on the handle. Its full-fingered design and pre-curved sticky fingers provide a more relaxed, secure grip which reduces fatigue so you can hang on a little longer behind the boat.

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O’Brien Competitor X Grip Waterski Gloves Features:

  • Pre-Curved, Full-Finger Design – Allows for a more relaxed grip and reduces fatigue, so you can spend more time on the water
  • Sticky Fingers and Palm – Enhances grip
  • Amara Panels – Improves wear resistance
  • Neoprene Backhand with Cinch Strap – Comfortable, custom fit
  • Wide Wrist Strap – Securely holds the glove in place


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