Mystic Wingman Wing Foil Harness

Prepare to conquer longer distances with the Mystic Wingman Wing Foil Harness that blends comfort, security, and durability seamlessly. Crafted for comfort, the Mystic Wingman sits snugly around your waist, offering ample freedom of movement. Its ergonomic design allows you to fully embrace the thrill of wing foiling.

The harness features a self-locking webbing strap that guarantees security during your ride. Additionally, a leash on the back provides a convenient attachment point for your board. Equipped with an injection-molded slider hook, this harness is built to withstand immense force, boasting a weight capacity of up to 400kg. The slider hook also allows smooth lateral movement while you paddle, enhancing your overall experience on the water.

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Mystic Wingman Wing Foil Harness Features:

  • Lightweight Design: For comfortable and unrestrictive wear during water sports.
  • Injection Molded Slider Hook: Equipped with an injection molded slider hook for secure and smooth attachment.
  • Selflocking Webbing Strap: Ensures a secure and adjustable fit tailored to your preference.
  • Padded Back Support: Guarantees comfort and provides extra cushioning during use.
  • Board Leash Attachment Loop: On the back allows for convenient and secure board attachment.

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