Mystic Star Impact Vest


Mystic Star Impact Vest offers the ideal combination of style and functionality. Boasting a convenient front zip for effortless wear, it’s women specific shape is tailored to perfection. The non-padded area for harness ensures a seamless and secure fit, providing ultimate comfort during intense rides. Begin your kitesurfing adventures with the Womens Mystic Star Impact Vest – where innovation meets style, making it an essential addition to your water sports gear. Dive into the thrill of the ocean and air with confidence and style, courtesy of this exceptional impact vest.

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Mystic Star Impact Vest Features:

  • Clash Foam: optimal buoyancy and comfort with the specialized Clash Foam.
  • Harness Attachment Compatibility: The non-padded lower section is designed for easy harness fitment, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Non-Slip Harness Position: Benefit from the non-slip harness position print, guaranteeing that your harness stays in place during active water sports.
  • Convenient Front Zip: The front zip design ensures quick and easy wear, allowing you to get in and out of the gear with ease.
  • Zipper Lock: The zipper lock feature enhances security, preventing accidental openings and ensuring your gear stays in place.
  • M-Flex Neoprene: Crafted from M-Flex neoprene, this gear offers flexibility and freedom of movement, enhancing your overall water experience.

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Kitesurf Impact Vest


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