Mystic Majestic X 2018 Carbon Waist Harness


The Mystic Majestic X is our newest version of a hard shell harness. The harness is built around the patented bionic core frame, which is a semi rigid back support plate; its unique composite material is very stiff yet it allows more flexibility than conventional hard-shells. The Majestic X is an evolution on the very well-known Majestic harness with clear influences from todays trend in hard-shell harnesses.

•Interior IV-Foam: Visco elastic foam that shapes to your body.

•Full Carbon Bionic Core Frame: Stiff horizontally but able to twist with yourbody.

•Hip areas feature thermo molded foam for comfort.

•Battle Belt used to secure harness to your body.

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The Mystic MajesticX is the ultimate kiteboarding harness. This is a hard-shell harnessthat has gone through 1000s of hours of testing and numerousprototypes so you know you’re getting the best available. It has apatented Full Carbon Bionic Core Frame, whose design and material ensures theharness is stiff in the horizontal direction but able to twist, adjust andfollow your body movements. The harness also features V-Foam – intelligentVisco elastic Foam which sets to your body shape, ensures maximum comfort andkeeps the harness in place where you want it. Get in quick if you want onethough – there is currently limited worldwide availability.

Other features of the Majestic X harness include: a 4-strappower buckle adjustment and tightening system which keeps the spreader bar tight to your body and stops it riding up due to the pull of the kite; Mystic’s Battle Belt waist closure system which adjusts to fit your bodyshape; soft neoprene edges which help make this harness super-comfortable; theClicker bar 4.0 which has been updated so it’s super-easy to open and close; aleash eye at the front which allows you to use a short leash and easily reach the quick release; a key pocket; thermo formed EVA foam which grips your waist;and a safety knife tucked within reach just below the hook.

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