Masterline Pro Lock Clincher Waterski Gloves


These Masterline Pro Lock Clincher Waterski Gloves are designed to transfer the pulling force from the hands, fingers and forearms into the bone structure to provide superior strength and endurance while waterskiing. The exclusive Masterline fit features palm straps with dowels for superior grip strength. This helps alleviate fatigue and eliminate blisters to give you more skiing time on the water..

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Masterline Pro Lock Clincher Waterski Gloves Features:

  • Dowel-Enhanced Palm Strap: Benefit from an exceptional grip with the palm strap featuring a dowel, ensuring superior control during use.
  • Pre-Curved Design: The pre-curved construction is optimized for comfort and performance, allowing for a natural and ergonomic grip.
  • Enhanced Wrist Comfort: Enjoy added comfort with the extra padded wrist strap, minimizing strain during extended use.
  • Reinforced Palm Strap: The palm strap is reinforced to ensure longevity and durability, providing a reliable grip over time.
  • Robust Double Stitching: The product’s construction is double-stitched, guaranteeing robustness and resilience during demanding activities.
  • Secure Third Tab Locking System: The third tab locking system adds an extra layer of security, ensuring the strap stays firmly in place.
  •  Handmade in the USA.

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