Masterline Carbon Custom Slalom Handle


Used by many of the World’s top slalom skiers. The is the ultimate handle. This handle handle has a smaller, but stronger, aluminum core bar that allows for more rubber between your hands and the bar. The specially formulated rubber and the many custom diameters make this the most comfortable handle you can buy.

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3/8″ Poly-propylene rope
Custom “Masterline” signature bar Strung to the Pro’s specs
11″ sleeve at braiding for protection from ski abrasion
Open end caps 4″ finger protectors
Record capability accuracy

All rope colors are shipped assorted.

Email or comment on your order to request specific colors (depending on current stock this could delay the shipment).

Handle Options:

Lengths: 12″, 13″
Diameters: .888″, .940″, 1.00″, 1.030″, 1.062″, 1.092″, 1.125″, 1.183″

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