Masterline 10.75m 8 Section Mainline


All of our water ski ropes are handmade in the USA with the highest-quality PolyproMAX yarn. The Masterline 10.75m 8 Section Mainline is a 10mm line that shortens to 10.75m (39.5′ off) for the beginner and intermediate slalom skier. Its looped construction allows for easy removal or assembly of sections, handle attachments, and the capacity for record-breaking performance. Each rope is hand braided and pre-stretched to ensure maximum performance.

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Masterline 10.75m 8 Section Mainline Features:

  • 16-strand, 10mm PolyproMAX rope
  • Looped Construction
  • All sections are detachable.
  • Record capability accuracy.
  • 70′ Overall length (21.5m)
  • Shortenings through 10.75m (39.5′ off)
  • Includes handy rope holder for storage.
  • Handmade in USA

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