KD Lil’ Miss Mayhem Kneeboard

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The rest of the industry has been put on notice, there’s a new board in town and it’s not taking any prisoners! Specifically developed with performance in mind, KD Sports is so excited introduce the Women’s KD Lil’ Miss Mayhem Kneeboard to their already impressive line-up, that they’re fitting it with a free tow handle hook to take the strain out of deep water starts.

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Free from swallow tails and molded fins which create unnecessary drag leaving you stiff and sore, the KD Lil’ Miss Mayhem‘s features a balanced squared off outline that’s delivers superior edge hold thanks to an improved contact with the water. Obsessed with maximizing the Mayhems ability to glide, KD Sports have blessed it with their newly crowned diamond technology that generates lift by forming pockets of air under the front and back of the board, for the lowest drag coefficient. Knowing that riders chase a kneeboard that can board break free and turn on a dime the Women’s Mayhem includes Full length parallel chime down the base allowing even new riders to edge like a pro.

Not content until it was perfect KD rolled and fluted the Lil’ Miss Mayhem’s tail, reducing the amount of wear/tear from standing up your board, creating the cleanest and most consistent kick off the wake. An ergonomic pad featuring specific molded zones for tibia/fibula and a raised zone at the rear to give support under the legs and take pressure off the ankles finish off making the KD Mayhem possibly the greatest kneeboard ever made!

KD Lil’ Miss Mayhem Kneeboard Features:

  • New Mold
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Unique rocker
  • Square tip & Tail
  • Diamond dimple technology
  • Rolled & Fluted tail design
  • Dual density ergonomic pad
  • 3’ Padded strap
  • Inserts in the tip for Additional Tow Hook
  • Women’s kneeboard

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1 review for KD Lil’ Miss Mayhem Kneeboard

  1. Chris

    This KD Maybem kneeboards are insane supa light and awesome to ride. Graphics are cool and the lady loves it. Definitely one to buy if u wanting a fun cool kneeboard a cut above the rest.

    • Simon Fairbank

      Hey Chris,
      Thanks for the great review on the KD Lil’ Miss Mayhem Kneeboard, its a great product and we are glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

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