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Heca wakeskates are 100% handmade in Europe, founded by a family riders in 2015, with their roots going back to skating passion. These wakeskates are suitable for a range of skill levels, designed and tested to be a comfortable ride in all conditions. Scientifically examined for better performance and a more skateboard feel. Distinct for its quality, smooth and consistent riding experience, relaxed tricks and just the right amount of pop you need.

Look no further…this IS the wakeskate for you!

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Heca Wakeskates Features:

  • 100% HANDMADE
  • SKATEBOARD FEEL – concave shape of the cores
  • COMPLETELY LAMINATED to ensure longevity and durability
  • WOOD CORES STRENGTHENED with the glass fiber or carbon matt
  • BOTTOMS COVERED WITH DURABLE GRINDBASE that makes the boards slide on obstacles incredibly smoothly
  • COMPOSED OF Wood/Fiberglass/Carbon Matt/Laminate/Poliethylene Grindbase/Double ABS on the sidewall
  • FINS Two front lock-in fins and one back fin, not drilled
  • ABS COLOURS Yellow, Green, Blue or Red, depending on the main graphics choice
  • TOP CORE The main reinforced core of the board, made of plywood, for better flexibility and strength of the board when subjected to three-point bending
  • BOTTOM CORE Milled in high quality wood in line with the geometry of the surface of the bottom of the Top Core, for better stability of the board
  • V-SHAPED INSERTS Polyurethane epoxide inserts to increase rigidity and reinforce the board, for easier and impressive pops, better performance
  • THICK POLYURETHANE EPOXIDE ABS To protect the edges of the board from side impacts
  • GRINDBASE The bottom layer of the board, to protect and glide on obstacles, combined with board graphics
  • GRIPTAPE Jessup Ultragrip 42″X16″ (107X41CM) made in USA

Additional information

Board Size

39.5", 40", 40.5"


Aqua, Earth, Hot


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