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Experience the pinnacle of safety and flexibility with the Follow POP Youth Jacket – mirroring the remarkable adaptability of our adult CGA jackets. Watch as your young ones stand out distinctly on the water, clad in the eye-catching Youth Jacket, while relishing in the authentic tailoring that caters to their individual contours, guaranteeing an impeccable fit. Prioritize the uninhibited joy and safety of your young ones, as they embrace their youthfulness with the safeguard of our unparalleled CGA Vests.

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Follow POP Kids Jacket Features

  • Featherweight PVC Foam: lightweight comfort with the featherweight PVC foam construction, ensuring ease of movement during water activities.
  • Dual Layer Fabric: The dual-layer fabric enhances the life jacket’s durability, providing an extra layer of strength for extended use.
  • Eye-Catching Sublimation Patterns: Enjoy stylish aesthetics with eye-catching sublimation patterns that add a unique flair to your water gear.
  • Versatile Size Range: Available in a range of sizes including Infant, Youth, Child, and Teen, ensuring a proper fit for various age groups and body types.

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Life Jacket, Wake, Waterski & Foil


Blue/Red, Grey/Blue, Jungle Camo, Purple/Pink, Blue, Pink, Teal

Size Guide

CGA – Kids.

The kids will look unique out there in/on the water in the CGA vest while having the genuine personalisation to their own shape for the perfect fit. Ensure that your kids can be young and free but safe in our CGA Vests.

SizeFor kids who weigh (kg)For kids who weigh (lbs)
INFANTLess than 14Less than 30
CHILD14 – 2330 -50
YOUTH25 – 4050 -75


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