F-One Signature 2018 Waveboard

The F-One SIGNATURE boards are designed for pure surfing and stem from long evolution of out kite surfboards. Every year, their shape gets better to make your surf riding ever more natural and free.

Stable and easy to handle, the SIGNATURES are designed to surf any kinds of waves and conditions. They benefit from a very well balanced and really intuitive shape. These boards are able to carve short turns as well as long and fast curves with ease and effortlessly. Surfing becomes such a pleasure when you can focus on the waves and not on how to get your board moving. Just look ahead, these boards will follow!

The bottom shape features a single concave which runs towards the back before fading down at the tail. The rocker has a double kick in it to carve some great curves while the speed remains under control at any time. Going from rail to rail is as quick as ever with a board which enters the turns with ease and gains in maneuverability with its round pin tail.

Benefitting from more volume and length, the 5’10 will fit the larger riders or the larger waves. Being much more compact, the 5’6 will be the nimblest to ride shorter, tighter waves. Lastly, the 5’8 will be at ease in all kinds of conditions and will let you carve the most radical turns and rollers.

The rail is thick and rounded towards the nose to make the board more forgiving with more stability and support from the front sections. It gets noticeably thinner and sharper towards the back for unmatched control.

The SIGNATURES are equipped with 5 fin boxes and let you decide whether you want to ride them Thruster or Quattro, depending on your style or on the conditions. For the most versatile setup, go for the Thruster.

With the Camel Deck shape, the volume has been maximized in the middle sections of the boards before fading out towards to tail to keep heel of the rear foot as low as possible for a better control.

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A 100% surfing shape
HD foam flex composite
Heel shock absorber
Camel deck
A progressive rocker evolving from a simple concave in the front half to a V at the fins
Round tail outline
Lighter weight
Ultra versatility for all types of waves
Incredibly smooth and balanced
A real carving machine

Full pads

F-ONE surf straps
F-ONE FLOW FINS Thruster or Quattro

Size 5’6” 5’8’’ 5’10’’
Dimensions 165 x 46 cm 172 x 46 cm 177 X 46 cm
Volume 20 L 21 L 22 L
Weight 3.4 kg 3.5 kg* 3.6 kg*

HD FOAM FLEX COMPOSITE: Our middle construction level built around an HD foam sandwich layup, offering a little more flex for a better feel in the waves. This version includes the shock absorbers and a full deck pad for a unique comfort. The board can be fitted with foot straps and our new F-One FLOW fins.


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5'6", 5'8


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