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The F-One ROCKET AIR Foil Board range is a line of inflatable boards essentially dedicated to foiling sports: Surf foil, SUP foil, wing foil, windfoil and even kitefoil. They offer great flying capabilities as well as the versatility you need. Having a lightweight construction, the ROCKET AIR Foil Board offers an easy take-off and a very stable flying experience. They are developed following the same sizes & outlines as the rigid boards, the foil position is the same for a perfect balance.


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F-One Rocket Air Foil Board features

  • Easy to store and carry
  • Balanced and light for flying
  • Almost indestructible with its superior and extra stiff Dropstitch material
  • The  5’10 and 6’6 are better suited for wing foiling, offering a variety of volumes to suit everyone.

The ROCKET AIR Boards are nearly indestructible and will grant you some extra padding if you fall. They are built using higher grade Dropstitch, bringing extra stiffness that is essential to control the board properly when foiling. The weight of the board is incredibly light, making them easy to handle and a lot of fun, even for advanced riders. Finally, the ROCKET AIR boards can all be stored in a small bag to be easily brought on your next adventure.

All sizes are also equipped with a full pad and a 4-point mounting system so you can use a foil with a top plate. These link to the 4-point foil mount, a waterproof box that connects the deck with the hull and that brings rigidity and stability in navigation.


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Surf / SUP foil boards




5'4", 5'10, 6'6





Board Size Guide

SizeDimensionsVol. (L)Weight (Kg)**
4’10152 x 56 cm x 12.7 cm4’10 x 22″x 5″75 L3.9
5’4163 x 63 cm x 12,7 cm5’4 x 25″x 5″90 L4.9
5’10178 x 73 cm x 12.7 cm5’10 x 29″x 5″125 L5.7
6’6193 x 76 cm x 12.7 cm6’6 x 30″x 5″140 L6.2
7’2*218 x 85 x 12.7 cm7’2 x 34″ x 5″190 L8.3
7’6*227x 76 cm x 12.7 cm7’6 x 30″x 5″168 L8.4
7’11*242 x 78 cm x 12.7 cm7’11 x 31″x 5″185 L8.6


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