F-One Escape 510 Plane Pack


This Kitefoil wing is amazing at covering some distance quickly and glides incredibly well. The ESCAPE 510 offers superior speed and perfect control.

– Incredible glide
– Amazing at covering some distance quickly
– Performance profile

The CARBON COMPOSITE construction includes a full layer of carbon laminate on the board’s bottom and deck making it incredibly light and yet surprisingly reliable.

Includes: Front Wing, Fuselage, Stabaliser, main rod and tool.

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510 cm² – The area fits in the smaller end of our range. Less area equals less drag.
It offers a fantastic feeling of having barely anything left in the water.

We distributed the area along the span very carefully to create a very distinctive but very efficient outline. Together with its thin section profile these are really what makes this wing so nice to ride.

The arch of the wing is also quite distinctive to provide very sharp and accurate control in straight line but also in the curves to make high performances become accessible.

And indeed, the ESCAPE 510 is not only a straight-line machine but also has a nice potential for carving.

The ESCAPE 510 is built in carbon pre-preg with unidirectional and bi-axial fibers because it’s light but more importantly because it’s the only way to make sure the wing does not flex to keep flawless control. It has a metal core and the FCD connector is fully machined via CNC for a strong and perfect assembly.

The wing fits all 2018 F-ONE foils, but also with our previous models. It’s not for experts only and most people will be surprised by the level of performances they are able to reach with the ESCAPE 510. Its performance profile will match intermediate and advanced riders who want a wing that rides fast and effortlessly with impeccable control.


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