F-One 51 TS V3 Foil Board 2019


Built around an injected foam core with protective top and bottom sheet layers, the 51 TS is ready for a life-long service. The solid cap construction will preserve the edges of the board when the latter is laid on its side together with the foil while ashore.

Length is important to keep firm directional control and width helps providing some tolerance in feet placement. So at 156cm long by 51cm wide, this board has enough of both to offer control and stability to help manage the foil with ease. Its slim design allows for easier water-starts as the board sits more stable on its side and results in more inflight control.
The bottom V and generous rocker on the nose also make the occasional touch-downs more manageable.

Two new features on the new 51TS board:
– Plate inserts have been replaced by TWIN TRACKS to mount any foil of the market equipped with a 4-blot top plate
– Footstraps inserts have been recentered in order to offer a better stability

The 51TS foilboard is the ideal first board purchase to start foiling.

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Topsheet construction
Combines ease of use and performance
Control and stability > easier water-starts
Easy assembly
A 100% dedicated foilboard!


The twin track system with lateral spacing of 90mm is becoming an industry standard.

This system is compatible with all foils featuring a top plate with 4 fastening bolts. The length of the tracks enables some room to adjust the position of the foil on the board to reach everyone’s prefered balance.

5’1’’ x 20’’
156 x 51 cm
4.0 kg*

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