DB Skimboard- Flex Proto

Great for lightweight riders or riders who prefer more flex. These boards are constructed with a newly engineered maple core which is light in weight and snappy under the feet. These boards have a great feel and are perfect for getting big pop, cruising, or hitting rails and boxes.

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DB Skimboards



Deck Dimensions

DB Skimboards Flex Proto Deck Specs

The Flex Proto comes in three sizes, medium (41.4″x19.63″) small (39.4″x18.75″) and extra small  (34″x16″). The medium size is our most versatile and is well suited for riders from 125lbs to 155lbs. Our small size is perfect for lighter riders; from 100lbs to 140lbs. Extra small is for light weight riders under 100lbs



DB Skimboards Flex Proto Concave

A definitive advantage of a DB Skimboard is our trademark Micro Concave. We employ a tiny side to side concave which creates a bowl effect over the surface of the board. This concave allows the rider a catch free ride and added confidence in spins and shuvs.



DB Skimboards Flex Proto Rocker

It’s taken years to find the perfect rocker profile for our standard boards. We dialed in and perfected this profile to find the perfect mix of amplitude and curvature. Our rocker enables maximum pop without sacraficing speed over the water or making the board difficult to throw.


3D Rocker & Precision Lamination

DB Skimboards Flex Proto 3D Rocker

The combination of Micro Concave + Continuous Rocker = 3D Rocker. The bowl’d deck creates the perfect platform for technical tricks, long rides, and easy sliding. Our boards are pressed using a proprietary technique that ensure longlasting shape accurate laminations. Ask around, our boards hold their rocker and concave almost indefinately!



DB Skimboards Flex Proto Construction

Flex skimboards are constructed with a flexy 3-ply hard rock maple core. This layup is “flexier” for riders at the top end of the weight limit and stiffer for riders near the bottom. To create a flex boad we laminate using a completly water tight bonding agent and encase the core with HPL topsheet and base. HPL is the best sliding surface we’ve found. It slides great over sand, PVC rails and boxes, logs, shells, cement, and just about anything you can think of! The top of the board has our signature CNC machined EVA diamond foam. EVA foam provides great traction and cushioning for your feet and is tough enough to survive the wear and tear from long sessions, UV, and saltwater.

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DB Skimboards


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