KD Combo Skis, Rope & Inflatable Tube Combo


KD Combo Skis, Rope & Inflatable Tube Combo

Dive into the world of waterskiing with the perfect trio of gear. The KD Vapor Adult Combo Skis are tailor-made for beginners, ensuring a rapid learning curve. These skis feature a dual-density, two-piece rubber slide adjustable binding that guarantees an excellent fit for all sizes. With a stable tunnel base and a 67″ length suitable for skiers up to approximately 100kg, you’ll master the waves in no time.

Upgrade your skiing experience with the Masterline Classic 5 Section Long V Rope & Suede Handle. Crafted for recreational skiers, this package delivers unparalleled quality and performance. It’s your ticket to gliding smoothly over the water with confidence.

Want to double the fun? Enter the KD Duo Inflatable Tube, a value-packed delight for solo riders or dynamic duos. Its innovative twin-rider design offers enhanced stability, thanks to the wider tail profile. Say goodbye to tipping and hello to high-speed adventures, all while enjoying the comfortable, side-by-side double cockpit.


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Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, this combo equips you for unforgettable water adventures. Get ready to ride the waves like a pro.

KD Vapor Adult Combo Ski Features:

  • Injection Molded
  • Uv Gloss Coating
  • Adjustable Bindings
  • Nylon Fins

Masterline Classic Suede LV 5 Section Package features:

  • 28mm DIA Aluminum
  • Long V (PVC Coated)
  • Foam pencil float
  • 12 inch Suede Short V
  • 80 Strand POLY-P 70ft Mainline
  • 5x take off sections @ 15’, 22’, 28’, 32’ & 35’ off
  • 75ft total length

KD Duo Inflatable Tube Specifications:

  • 2 person tube
  • Water drain
  • 4 soft grip Handles
  • Boston valve
  • Partially covered
  • Quick connector for easy towing
  • Heavy duty nylon Cover
  • 24 Gauge PVC
  • One Year Warranty 
  • Dimensions when deflated: 76″ | 192cm

Additional information


Masterline Australia, KD -Kidder

Tube Type

Open Top (Donut)

Ride capacity

2 person


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