KD Krypton Slalom Ski


The KD Krypton Slalom Ski shape allows it to ride high in the water and the stepped base design coupled with the extra width lets the slalom ski turn fast and predictable. Whilst the Krypton accommodates the technical skier, this ski has amazing forgiveness and tolerance for a wide range of skiers. The turns are dependable and symmetrical, thus producing and offside turn that you dream of.

The Krypton fiberglass construction with a PU core and Carbon stringers produces a super-fast cross course ski that puts you wide and early for the next buoy. The rounded bevels on the front section of the water ski creates that smooth turn feel, while the harder bevels and deeper concave under the bindings holds angle and cross course direction. The slalom water ski has a super sweet spot under your feet and lets you feel comfortable and stable. 

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KD Krypton Slalom Ski Features: 

  • PU Core   
  • Contoured Top design 
  • Fiberglass-Carbon inlay 
  • Tip Lifting Rail 
  • T-Fin 
  • Comp foil 

We suggest you get out ride this incredible ski, it will exceed your expectations. 

Additional information


KD -Kidder

Product Categories

Slalom Ski



ski level

Free, Intermediate


66", 68''

Ski Size Guide

Skier Weight42 - 48kph48 - 55kph55 - 58kph
36 - 50kg65"65"
43 - 55kg65"65"65"
52 - 64kg65"65"65"
61 - 73kg67" - 68"65" - 67"65" - 67"
70 - 82kg68" - 69"67" - 68"67" - 68"
80 - 91kg68" - 69"67" - 68"67" - 68"
89 - 100kg69"69"68" - 69"
98kg >69"68" - 69"
Skier ability, line length, and individual style may affect recommendations.


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