Kite Harnesses

Watersports Warehouse specialises in Kitesurfing harnesses and has the widest range of kiting harnesses in South Africa. Our brands include Mystic, Ride Engine & Manera

Our range includes carbon hard shell harnesses from Mystic and Ride Engine, the “adaptive shell” from Manera and the standard soft shell. We have a range of Seat harnesses and additionally some ladies specific harnesses from Mystic and Ride Engine

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Showing 1–12 of 21 results


Selecting the right kiting harness is one of the most important decisions in kiteboarding. A properly fitted harness should provide support and comfort throughout your session, and never be a factor in having to end your session early

Your kiting harness needs to check the following boxes:

1. Comfort: all harnesses should fit snugly without being too loose or too tight. Excessive pressure on the lower ribs will cause discomfort and may force you to interrupt your session earlier;

2. Safety functions: a good harness features several straps that allow you to tighten it around your waist and prevent it from riding up – a well-hidden knife is always a mandatory tool;

3. Quality of materials: a model with soft cushioned neoprene, good stitches, a high-end stainless steel hook will never cause breathing problems;

4. The right size for your body: a correct fitting model can provide support and reduce muscle fatigue, allowing for a longer and safer kiting session;

Our Harness Spreader bars and Accessories can be found here